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White-bellied Mangrove Snake
White-bellied Mangrove Snake
Class: Reptilia: Reptiles  Diet: Crustaceans
Order: Squamata: Lizards and Snakes
Size: 60 cm - 1 m (23 1/2 in - 3 1/4 ft)
Family: Colubridae: Colubrine Snakes Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Fordonia leucobalia Habitat: mangrove swamps
Range: Coast of Northern Australia, Southeast Asia

Size of White-bellied Mangrove SnakeA member of the subfamily of aquatic colubrids, the white-bellied mangrove snake has similar adaptations to those of the rest of its group, such as nostrils near the top of its head and upward-facing eyes. Large numbers of these snakes frequent the edges of swamps, where they forage among the roots for food. It is a rear-fanged snake and feeds mainly on crabs, which seem strongly affected by its venom, unlike frogs and mammals, which are not. Fish are also included in its diet. If alarmed, the snake will take refuge in a crab burrow.

Range of White-bellied Mangrove Snake
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