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California Sea Lion
California Sea Lion
Class: Mammalia: Mammals Diet: Fish, octopus, squid
Order: Pinnipedia: Pinnipeds
Size: 1.7 - 2.2 m (5 1/2 - 7 1/4 ft)
Family: Otariidae: Sea Lions Conservation Status: Non-threatened
Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus Habitat: breeds on coasts and islands in south of range
Range: Pacific coasts: British Columbia to Mexico; Galapagos Islands

Size of California Sea LionThis attractive sea lion takes well to training and is the most commonly seen species in circuses and marine shows. Females and juveniles are tan-colored when dry, while the larger males are brown; males are also distinguished by the horny crest on their heads. Social animals, these sea lions occur in groups and often come onto land outside the breeding season. They feed on fish, octopus and squid.  Males gather at a breeding site but only establish territories when the females arrive and start to give birth; territories are ill defined and somewhat unstable. The female produces 1 young and mates again a few days later.

Range of California Sea Lion
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